Our Story

It started with an experience

We started out as a group of friends wanting to give hygiene packages to the homeless in downtown San Diego. It seemed simple enough to do, so we asked other friends and family members to make a contribution to supporting a homeless package. The packages contained basic items like soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. In a span of one week we were able to raise enough funds to deliver 50 care packages.

With packages in hand, we were worried of the reception since it was 50 packages for a population of 5000 people. We expected violence, anger, harassment, and many of the characteristics that is narrated as the homeless experience. We were pleasantly surprised with the reception, and the grace with which the packages were received. Wanting to change the narrative, Akhawaty was formed to raise awareness of homelessness.

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What we do

We help our neighbors

Whether its a lunch, a crocheted or knitted hat, or a care package, we go out to help our neighbors in need. Our work is more than just handing out items, or giving a hand out. We go out to let our neighbors know that we are there for them. We let those we serve know that they are not forgotten, and that there is hope.

The work that we do goes beyond putting a bandage on the issue of homelessness, our work seeks to humanize our neighbors who are homeless. Often times, those who are homeless are invisible in plain sight. Their very existence is viewed as a problem by most, and criminalization is par for the course. We, along with our volunteers, seek to change that narrative. We seek to help with the resources available to us.

When ordinary people come together for a cause, extraordinary things happen. Join our team in helping others!