Our Team

The Board


Ernestine Neely Hanne (President)
Ernestine is a founding member and president of Akhawaty Incorporated. She brings to the team years of demonstrated experience in community organizing and leadership. Ernestine started working with the displaced when serving as a volunteer to victims of Hurricane Floyd in Abaco, The Bahamas. She continued her work in leading efforts to assist various communities throughout the United States including in Georgia and California. Included in her experience is leader of distributed corporate teams spanning multiple geographic locations including Canada, the United States, and India. Ernestine advocates for the rights of the homeless, and is committed to the organization and furthering its mission. Her top priority in addition to providing services for the homeless and displaced is to raise awareness of the homeless in our communities and working on developing relationships with other groups and organizations in helping to change the dialog to one that is focused on bringing security and stability into the lives of those served by Akhawaty Incorporated.


Alexis Stevenson: (Treasurer)
As a member of the board Alexis plays an integral part of the team by bringing her expertise in the area of management and accounting. She currently serves as a Treasurer on the board and is committed to helping Akhawaty Incorporated in their efforts with bringing awareness to the homeless. Alexis is a solution driven professional, who is an articulate communicator that speaks the language of both people and finance. She is what anyone would consider an asset to the team because she’s organized, detailed-oriented, and an effective decision maker. Alexis has been volunteering within her community since the age of 15 and has been sensitive to the needs of the homeless specifically when a few of her family members were displaced and were forced to live on the streets. Since this incident, Alexis had been standing up for the rights of the homeless and educating herself on their needs. She is now more committed to their plight than she was before and is focused on helping Akhawaty Incorporated bring awareness to this group of individuals.

Julia Lord: (Secretary)