Care to Share

The Care to Share project provides the homeless individuals and families with personal care items. Attending to one's personal care is a basic need for all individuals, yet this area is often forgotten or does not receive the attention it deserves as groups reach out to helping those in need. In addition to helping those we serve keep themselve clean, having the items needed to maintain oneself helps to ensure a basic need is met, boost the individual's self worth, encourages other members of society to engage more positively with them, and increases opportunities for those looking for work.

Donations are collected to sponsor packages that are assembled and hand delivered. Each package includes:

Tooth brush
Dental Floss
Shaving Cream
Disposable Razors

Other items that are available during our events include slippers, feminine products, combs, washcloths, socks, and a host of other items in the family of personal care. For our events we need both donations and volunteers. A donation of $15 helps to sponsor an individual.

Sponsor Level