Akhawaty Incorporated was founded in 2013 with the goal of helping the less fortunate in the community. At Akhawaty Incorporated, we seek to not only provide aid to the immediate needs of the homeless, but also ways to have a long term positive impact on the lives of others.

Akhawaty Incorporated’s primary mission is to provide support, security, and stability to families who are homeless or facing homelessness. Our organization is community based which also includes educating our neighbors by raising awareness about homelessness. Thus by raising awareness we would like to change society’s attitude on those who need a helping hand. 

We at Akhawaty Incorporated will continue to grow as an organization to bring awareness about the homeless and displaced, and we will continue to need the support of our fellow volunteers.* To that end, we have a variety of ongoing projects that are geared to providing support to this population. Our projects today are focused on addressing the needs of the displaced in various ways, and over time we are taking steps to further develop them so that we can continue to positively influence the lives of our constituents.

*Akhawaty Incorporated is run and operated 100% on the efforts of our volunteers.